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21/05/2018 -
[House Equipment] New items of house decoration were...
[House Equipment] New items of house decoration were added, to know what items they are, it is enough to open the in game store and go to New Products.
20/05/2018 -
[Custom Client] Updated Custom Client,...
[Custom Client] Updated Custom Client, download it in the "Downloads" button to avoid in-game errors.
09/05/2018 -
Rules updated.
Rules updated.
05/05/2018 -
¡Que se vuelvan a usar los barcos! Comando !fly...
¡Que se vuelvan a usar los barcos! Comando !fly desactivado permanentemente para mejorar la experiencia de juego!
21/04/2018 -
[Customer Support] - According to the following...
[Customer Support] - According to the following data, make your reports, suggestions, or claim points in the panel where indicated.

Report bugs - CTRL + Z in game.
Support, suggestions - Customer Support in web.
Donations - e-mail:[email protected]

Olympa Support

14/04/2018 -
[Double Exp] - Double experience until Server Save...
[Double Exp] - Double experience until Server Save of the day Sunday 15/04 Go and get the top level!
08/04/2018 -
[Changelog] See all changes in real time,...
[Changelog] See all changes in real time, see the changelogs.
07/04/2018 -
Evite hackeos – Muchas personas nos están...
Evite hackeos – Muchas personas nos están mandando mensajes porque les han hackeado sus cuentas, esto es una tragedia, pero ustedes pueden impedirlo, se les recomienda lo siguiente.

- Usar una contraseña diferente a la que usan en otro servidor.
- No abrir enlaces ajenos a que los jugadores les envíen dentro del juego.
- Registrar la Recovery Key por si no siguen los pasos anteriores puedan recuperar su cuenta.

Si tienes datos suficientes sobre tu cuenta hackeada y no cuentas con RK(recovery key) envía un correo a [email protected] informando tu situacion.

Olympa Support

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IP:  ➥ Port: 7171  ➥ Version: 10.00~11.50

Download Client Olympa World

Welcome to Olympa World, We have the most complete custom map and server of all the servers in your class, new areas 11.10+, all systems 100%.
We take care of every detail, Create your account now and enjoy with moderation!
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May 05 2018 -
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