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IDTypeWhereDateDescription command - !commands -> Show all commands. items decorations +16 Carpet fixed. Carpet fixed. Carpet fixed. will appear every day at 3:00 p.m Mexico time the wait time of the stamina refill. knights attack. exit added.!fly permanently disabled. System enabled. area +2 added into hunting zone. the hours of the invasions. invasion fixed. invasion fixed. Oramond fixed. invasion fixed. to Inquisition quest fixed. Tibia Coins fixed, i was not giving TC. the difficulty of the quest custom. bug crash. enabled. olympa weapons level - only knights weapon. master paladin set. summon of vocational summons is 10 minutes. Guzzlemaw fixed. mage hat fixed. I did not give magic level. staff fixed. You could not put. re-worked to make it longer and harder to do (only quest custom) re-worked to give you more difficulty, interest and fun when it comes to getting your items.
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