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When the event happens?
The event or system Castle of Honor (24hrs) is active all the time! Ready to be dominated by any guild.

How does it work?
The guild that dominates the Castle of Honor will have access to it. The others try to dominate him and acquire his access, to remain in him, he must protect him from the enemy guild. After the ServeSave in the morning the Castle of Honor is without owner, giving space to a new conquest.

Note¹: It is necessary that you belong to a guild bone leader of a guild to be able to dominate the Castle of Honor.
Note²: The limit of players is infinite also after leaving the event you can return as many times as you want.
Note³: The Castle of Honor has a total of 10 Infernalist VIP caves so join your guild and go to conquer that Castle.

How many players are needed to start the event?
The event is started without any player inside and is active 24/7
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52 /1000
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