Guild Information
New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

The guild was founded on Olympa on Feb 28 2018.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
Lider Lalo Elder Druid 979 offline
Santosme Ek Elite Knight 988 offline
Wichox Royal Paladin 994 offline
Vice-Leader Silver Man Elder Druid 961 offline
Snakecarl Royal Paladin 969 offline
Sr Hercko Royal Paladin 844 offline
Member Alejo Elder Druid 596 offline
Alucard Vampire Royal Paladin 750 offline
Anonimux Paladin 737 offline
Bought Sorcerer 9 offline
Brytiago Paladin 631 offline
Crisaly Sorcerer 947 offline
Cryc Inmortal Royal Paladin 630 offline
Dach Tibia Royal Paladin 686 offline
Dark Ilumminati Elite Knight 918 offline
Darkayn Elder Druid 354 offline
Destroyer Peralta Elder Druid 769 offline
Elder Kyra Druid 735 offline
Galadriel Royal Paladin 756 offline
Katarine Elder Druid 680 offline
Lacritix Druid 791 offline
Lord Joto Paladin 8 offline
Morger Sorcerer 7 offline
Neo Sir Royal Paladin 914 offline
Omega Papa Sorcerer 888 offline
Osiitaa Paladin 619 offline
Paladin Cuatro Paladin 8 offline
Pamelachu Royal Paladin 763 offline
Panocha Pig Royal Paladin 840 offline
Shingo Yabuki Master Sorcerer 907 offline
Sir Borre Royal Paladin 789 offline
Sir Legolas Royal Paladin 800 offline
Snake Modewar Elite Knight 809 offline
Snakless Royal Paladin 614 offline
Soy De Tampico Royal Paladin 778 offline
Te Lo Meto Xd Royal Paladin 740 offline
Un Palo Techo Royal Paladin 753 offline
Vergeta Royal Paladin 527 offline
Violeta Elder Druid 756 offline
Waffler Elder Druid 759 offline

Invited Characters

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Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
88 /1000
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