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The guild was founded on Olympa on Mar 06 2018.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
The Leader Burzum Paladin 8 offline
Papa'johns Royal Paladin 852 offline
vice-leader Daryl Dixon Royal Paladin 1058 offline
Rahno Royal Paladin 1075 offline
Member Elitte Knight Sorcerer 694 offline
Finix Antrax Royal Paladin 960 offline
Gui Baiaklove Elder Druid 789 offline
Guma Royal Paladin 1068 offline
Inmortalizer Royal Paladin 1020 offline
Kaulder Royal Paladin 970 online
Maniaco Royal Paladin 1027 offline
Mans Not Hot Elder Druid 1025 offline
Neutro Shortyy Royal Paladin 806 offline
Real Phoenix Royal Paladin 916 offline
Robin Hood Royal Paladin 1040 offline
Rp Pvp Royal Paladin 783 offline
Skutnu Master Sorcerer 1032 offline
Spartano Antrax Royal Paladin 854 offline
Squick Ofujao Royal Paladin 963 online
Strange Shadow Royal Paladin 1009 online
Torino Jr Royal Paladin 740 offline
Uncut Elder Druid 913 offline
Wiczer Royal Paladin 1085 offline
Wiktor Hijo De Puta Elder Druid 1034 offline

Invited Characters

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Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
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