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Imbuing System
The Imbuing System is a new enchantment system implemented in the Winter 2016 Update. With this system, you can add extra protections and damage to various game equipments.
To enchant your equipment, you need to go to an Imbuing Shrine that can be found in all Tibia temples or can be purchased from the Store and placed in your home. You must give use in the machine and then use in the item that you want to imbuir, note that the item must be in your backpack.

Imbuing can modify its items as follows
  • Imbuements allow you to add some temporary effects to your equipment.
  • Once an item has been imbued successfully, the imbuement effect lasts for a certain period of time. The time will only decrease when the imbued item is equipped.
  • System items can have up to three imbuement slots. They can only be imbued with imbuing shrines, which can be found in the temples of all major cities and in certain places outside the cities.
  • If you use an imbuing shrine with some item, the imbuing system interface will pop up. There, you can see the number of imbuement slots of the item in question and details about each imbuement available to it.
  • Note: the information about this in the Imbuing System you can check on tibia wiki.
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