Lottery System
Every 2 hours, a random item is drawn among all online players.

These are the rewards that can be obtained in the lottery randomly:
  • Increase all your skills +2.
  • Master Knight Armor.
  • 100 Crystal Coins.
  • Addon Doll.
  • Master Amulet.
  • Mount Doll.
  • Master Ring.
  • Dodge Stone.
  • Critical Stone.
  • Master Mage Hat.
  • Master Paladin Armor.
  • Master Mage Spellshield.
  • Stamina Refill.
  • Master Rod.
  • Master Wand.
  • Master Bow.
  • Master Sword.
  • Master Axe.
  • Master Club.
  • Note: the information about this in the Lottery System you can check on olympa world.
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