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Reward Chest System

Reward System
In Olympa World, we use the reward system, where all the players who participate in the fight against bosses receive an individual loot of the creature.
Different loot of the creatures, the loot of the bosses are sent directly to the Reward Chest, the reward chest is located in Adventures' Guild will have access to use in an adventurer's stone inside a temple.

This differentiated system of loot after some vantagens for the player:

1. the possibility of all players participating in the fight against the boss, has the right to loot.
2. Depending on the level of participation of the player against the boss, gives the right to have a loot with better items. After the dead creature, the items given by the creature are divided for the players based on some criteria, confirm in the table below.

Level of Participation
Ad: The more damage is caused to the Boss, the higher the level of participation, the blockers of the creature will also count points..
Constitution of loot
Punctuation Level
Item common 10~40pts 1
Item common + Item semi rare 40~60pts 2
Item common + Semi rare + Item rare 60~80pts 3
Item common + Item semi rare + Item Rare + Item very rare 80~95pts 4
Item common + Item semi rare + Item rare + Item that always falls 96~100pts 5
The player who has level 1 will receive money or other common items.

Bosses that are part of our system
  • The Welter
  • White Pale
  • Tyrn
  • Hirintror
  • Zushuka
  • Ocyakao
  • Shlorg
  • The Pale Count
  • Furyosa
  • Mad Mage
  • Raging Mage
  • Ferumbras
  • Morgaroth
  • Ghazbaran
  • Orshabaal
  • Zulazza the Corruptor
  • Chizzoron the Distorter
  • The Mutated Pumpkin
  • Bibby Bloodbath
  • Gaz'Haragoth
  • Tanjis
  • Jaul
  • Obujos
  • Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
    48 /1000
    Players Online

    Zombie Event
    LM Standing
    CTF Event
    Battlefield Event