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Server Rules

Server Rules
Prohibited is And Punishable are:

    1.0 - The names of players or guilds that are offensive.

    1.1 - The names of players or guilds containing absurd combinations of letters, signs or             incomprehensible words (eg "Fgfshdsfg")..

    1.2 - The names of the players or guilds that were created to copy the identity of other players             or guild (eg "Playre" instead of "Player", "Deceptiive" instead of "Deceptive")..

    1.3 - The names of the players that are related to the nicknames who is a staff member of             Olympa-World or names explicitly indicating being a member of the Olympa-World Staff             Member(eg Support Olympa)..

    1.4 - The names of players or guilds that are offensive.

    1.5 - Names, guild descriptions or avatars containing spam, advertisement, links to content not             associated with this guild, pornographic content or content to offend anyone from the             administration of Olympa-World or its players..

    1.6 - Block spawns to only raise level you are prohibited.

    1.7 - Free items are prohibited on the server.

It Is Forbidden:

    1.8 - Using game errors.

    1.9 - Intentional overuse of weaknesses in the game (eg, arranging objects or players in such a             way that other players can not move them)..

    2.0 - Theft or extortion of account data of other players, personal data or their property.

    2.1 - Offering, selling or buying anything on our server for real money, such as: "sell account for             10 euros".

    2.2 - Buy, sell or exchange anything on our server for something on another MMO game             server."Change items here for items on xxxx".

    2.3 - Server disadvantage. (DoS attacks, DDoS, generating unnecessary network load, etc.). Its             against the law and will be reported. DDoS attacks are criminal acts in many jurisdictions.             We Will contact national law enforcement agency and we will provide valuable information             that may be relevant in any subsequent investigation or prosecution of the attackers.

Punishable is / are:

    2.4 - Threats towards the administration or server.

    2.5 - Insults of the server, its players or members of the administration.

    2.6 - Impersonating administration or pretending to be an administrator.

    2.7 - Using vulgar, offensive formulas or vulgar words in an interview with a member of the             administration or in a direct message to him.

    2.8 - Intended to give false or misleading information to members of the administration and to             give untrue information about the violation of these regulations.

    2.9 - Deliberate obstruction of duties to members of the administration.

    3.0 - Trying to influence the decisions of a member of the administration about his or her             investigation or decision.

    3.1 - Any activity not described in the regulations for the damage to the server or its             administration, also outside it.

It is punishable:

    3.2 - Failure of reporting a serious error in the game or on the official website of the server.

    3.3 - Advertising other Open Tibia servers, MMOs or websites with such topics, or             discouraging people from playing at

    3.4 - Use 3 characters to fight other players (Navigation-Combo Bots) It is prohibited to use             more than 2 accounts to participate in pvp.

    3.5 - Using the functions of bot or scripts, the operation of which involves the attack on the             indicated character, at a small or zero time interval by more than one character per ip.

Help Channel Rules:

    3.6 - Using profanity, writing in large letters or repeating the same message repeatedly.

    3.7 - Sending unsolicited messages like "hello", writing with no sentences, or using unintelligible             words.

    3.8 - Conducting a discussion that does not lead to solving the problem if it was previously             reported by one of the players for help or information.

    3.9 - Intentionally misleading players asking for information or help in the game and players             reporting errors or non-compliance with the rules.

    4.0 - Asking questions not related to the server, the server's website, its forum or questions on             which you know the answer.

Administration and players:

    4.1 - The administration does not take responsibility for the server crashes coused by hosting             company as a result of which the player's items or attributes have been lost.

    4.2 - The administration is not responsible for any transactions made by players.

    4.3 - The administration is not responsible for items, characters, accounts, attributes and points             lost as a result of breaking into the account.

    4.4 - The administration is not responsible for any transactions made by players.

    4.5 - In the event that a player's account is banned, he loses any privileges associated with the             use of the account, and the contents of the account may be removed or transferred to             another account, if the administrator so decides.

Terms and Conditions:

Connecting to the server you accept that the creator of is not responsible for any losses resulting from the use of the server and other applications that you use to connect to the server.

You have a duty to listen and follow the instructions given by the server administration.

The administration does not have to explain its decisions to people who are not in any way connected with the matter that is being dealt with by a given member of the administration.

Members of the administration have the right to impose any penalty for any Player who broke any of the points of these regulations.


4.6 - Never place your account and password Same as other servers, this makes it easier for your account to be hacked.
4.7 - Do not enter into fake sites that players report on channels, most are to hack your account.
4.8 - Never believe in anyone posing as us from the staff, no ADM / GM will ask for your password.
4.9 - Do not believe in false rumors invented by players, all that is intentional to discourage them from playing in Olympa, only rely on information and news coming from our official site.
5.0 - The only sources of information you can trust are in our original site:, any other site that is not that distrust.
5.1 - Avoid sharing your account, because if one of the people playing on your account do something wrong, all accounts on the same IP will be deleted.
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