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1.0 - Ads from other servers or any site that involves the sale of products or services are not allowed, the user will have the IP and the banned Account.
1.1 - Chars with offensive names to people or families are deleted without warning.
1.2 - Players who leave chars disabled during the events to benefit another team will be banned.
1.3 - False rumors about the possible reset on the server will result in all accounts of the same IP being deleted or auctioned.
1.4 - On the server we do not commit to anything, then avoid changes, if it is stolen we will not refund anything, if there are many complaints from the same person stealing accounts, that person will be banned from the server permanently.
1.5 - If you pretend to be a member of the staff or make up false rumors involving staff members, you will have all the characters in the account / IP deleted.
1.6 - Remembering that when you make a donation to the server you have a limited time of validity in the MAXIMUM 180 days and the value to be returned will depend on the staff.
1.7 - Free items are prohibited on the server, if the player is caught doing such an act, the account will be banned.
1.8 - The use of more than 3 Multi-Client or the use of 3 NAVs to kill players in the middle of cities is prohibited on the server (OBS: Use of mc anywhere if it is more than 3 is ban), if the player is caught doing such an act, the account will be banned.


2.1 - Never place your account and password Same as other servers, this makes it easier for your account to be hacked.
2.2 - Do not enter into fake sites that players report on channels, most are to hack your account.
2.3 - Never believe in anyone posing as us from the staff, no ADM / GM will ask for your password.
2.4 - Do not believe in false rumors invented by players, all that is intentional to discourage them from playing in Olympa, only rely on information and news coming from our official site.
2.5 - The only sources of information you can trust are in our original site:, any other site that is not that distrust.
2.6 - Avoid sharing your account, because if one of the people playing on your account do something wrong, all accounts on the same IP will be deleted.
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