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Private War - Olympa World
The war anti entrosa system was developed by our Olympa World staff for the battle guild without the other players blocking the area, the system allows 2 guilds to access the selected map, the time given for each battle is standard (1 hour) but the system allows the players to stay on the site until another guild request asks for access to the map, that is, if guild 1 is a duel with guild 2 and has been for 1 hour and guild 3 was her and asked War with another guild automatically all those on the map will be sent to the home of the character's hometown, otherwise guild 1 and 2, will continue using the map. After the leader of the guild sends the invitation to the enemy clan, the leader of the enemy guild will have 2 minutes to accept, in this short period of time without guild he can invite the same map until the call is automatically rejected. that is, the map is partially occupied. Our WAR ANTI ENTROSA system against war can be configured by the leaders of the guild in the invitation according to the following info.

Command to send invitation
/citywar map,invite,EnemyGuild,parameter1,parameter2,parameter3,parameter4

Maps for the battle (map)
✔ Edron
✔ Carlin
✔ Darashia
✔ Ankrahmun
✔ LibertyBay

Enemy guild
In this space, the leader of the guild must type in the name of the rival guild that will be challenged for the war.

All the runes will be released? (parameter 1)
✔ Onlysd: Only sudden death rune will work.

✔ Default: All the runes will be unlocked.

Wave Spells Released? (parameter 2)
✔ default
(All spells will be released.)
✔ notue
(The use of these magic will be prohibited. exevo gran mas frigo, exevo gran mas flam, exevo gran mas tera, exevo gran mas vis, exevo vis hur, exevo tera hur, exevo frigo hur, exevo gran frigo hur, exevo flam hur, exevo mas san, exevo vis lux, exevo gran vis lux.)

Players who will participate in the battle? (parameter 3)
✔ 10x10
✔ 15x15
✔ 20x20
✔ 25x25
✔ 30x30
✔ 35x35
✔ 40x40
✔ 45x45
✔ 50x50

Will the new potions be used? (parameter 4)
✔ default
(all potions will work without restrictions.)
✔ notpotions
(the new potions will not be usable)

Accepting invitation
/citywar map,accept,GuildName

Going to the battle area
/citywar map, enter

Example of how to use
/citywar edron,invite,GUILD 2,onlysd,notue,15x15,notpotions

Command !go (Change the outfit of all members of the guild)
There are limitations when using this command:

  • Only the leader can use it.
  • Or will be executed if the leader is with an invalid outfit, Ex: Outfit of monsters (utevo res ina).
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